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The worst part about scrolling through #instagrammable photographs on social media is that no one ever tells you how to get there. Traveling is an incredible, life changing experience, but too many people shy away from traveling to foreign countries because they have no idea how to navigate through that new world. Travel agents add unnecessary additional costs and guided tours can rob the traveler of personal, individualized experiences shared with only a few close friends.

We created this blog to demystify travel for the new or would-be traveler. Our bloggers are a group of friends living in New York who really enjoy travel as a way to relax. We are all between the ages of 27 and 35 but don’t ask who’s who. Look around—definitely enjoy the gallery. Each blogger posts about their trips and how they maneuvered their way while abroad and posts recommendations based on their experiences. We also post the occasional podcast about cultural particularities that we have experiences abroad, money hacks, etc.

DISCLAIMER: Some of these posts were written over wine or suspiciously brewed beers in Brooklyn.




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